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Have you ever electrocuted yourself?


A few months ago 16 people died and dozens more were injured when a high voltage powerline collapsed during Carnival celcbrations in Rio de Janeiro.

A freak accident? Yes. But it’s amazing to think that in Ontario 49% of all electrocution fatalities were caused by powerlines. (Just for perspective, there have been 207 fatalities due to electrocution over the last decade.)

But not all electrocutions result in serious or fatal injuries. There are many, many more that simply jolt us awake. Make us sit up and pay attention. And, at times, send that screwdriver hurtling across the room.

These are the people I would love to talk to. People that were shocked during routine home maintenance or repairs.


And I’m not limiting this to those of us that were zapped. I’d love to talk to anyone that wants to discuss their trials and tribulations when it comes to home repairs. Maybe it’s that plumbing job where you forgot to turn off the water before you unhooked the faucet? Or the tree removal fiasco that almost demolished your neighbour’s car?

If you’ve got a story, I want to talk to you.

Oh, and for those staring at the headline and thinking: That’s not right. If you electrocute yourself you’d be dead, unable to share your stories and certainly unable to read this post. Well, you’re right. But, in colloquial conversation the term electrocuted is often used to define the act of shocking oneself with electricity, regardless of whether or not it was fatal.