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Test your knowledge!

Take these fun personal finance quizzes to find out if you’re as smart as you think you are. You might learn a lot along the way


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How much do you really know about planning and retirement? What about saving and investments? Or buying a house? Find out if you’re actually as smart as you think you are and learn a little (or a lot) along the way. Start our test at the Novice level and work your way up to Expert.

Have fun, good luck and make sure to brag to all your friends.

The Novice Money Quiz

New to personal finance but want to see what level you’re really at? Challenge yourself with this quiz. It covers the basics but watch out, there are a couple of trick questions in there.

Sample question: “What does DRIP stand for?”

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The Intermediate Money Quiz

So, you’ve finished with the ‘Novice’ quiz and passed with flying colours (or failed miserably—a pass isn’t a requirement, don’t worry!) and now you want to push yourself further. Test your knowledge with this intermediate quiz. You’ll feel so good when you do better than you think.

Sample question: “What’s the best thing to do with your RRSP tax refund?”

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The Expert Money Quiz

If you eat, sleep and breathe personal finance, you’ll ace this. If you’re still on your financial literacy journey, you might not do half bad. In fact, you might surprise yourself. (Hint: If you’ve done the previous two quizzes, you might have learned a thing or two that would help you out.)

Sample question: “What is a limit order?”

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