Flex your money muscles

Flex your money muscles

Tired of being the financial equivalent of a 98lb weakling? Let MoneySense be your trainer.

Illustration by Jason Ford

Illustration by Jason Ford

If you read comic books when you were a kid, you’ll remember Charles Atlas. He was that muscle-bound dude (“The world’s most perfectly developed man!”) who taunted you from the advertisements alongside your Spider-Man and Fantastic Four adventures. The theme of the ads was always the same: a bully pushes around a skinny loser, humiliating him in front of his giggling date. Then our 98-lb weakling goes home, orders Atlas’s exercise program, and is instantly transformed into a he-man with rippling biceps. In the final frame he confronts the bully, punches his lights out, and wins back his girl.

Generations of pre-adolescent boys lost their allowance to Charles Atlas and his promise of muscles “in only 15 minutes a day!” That’s not surprising: we all look for shortcuts that promise better results with less effort. It’s true of our finances as well as our fitness.

Unfortunately, whether you’re looking for ripped abs or a bulging portfolio, there are no quick fixes. The steps to success aren’t complicated, but they require advance planning, a long-term commitment and a lot of discipline. In what follows we’ll show you how to go from pipsqueak to powerhouse and make sure no one ever kicks sand in your financial face again.

Complete all 10 steps for optimal fitness!

Step 1: It all starts with a plan

Step 2: Exercise regularly

Step 3: Eat a balanced diet

Step 4: Avoid unnecessary risk

Step 5: Reduce the fat!

Step 6: The wrong kind of supplements are dangerous

Step 7: Weigh yourself regularly

Step 8: The wrong kind of prepackaged food is dangerous

Step 9: Avoid the fads!

Step 10: Get the right help