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Unhaggle.com lets you click and drive

An online car-buying service helps you save money and avoid haggling.


Instead of schlepping around to half a dozen car dealerships to try to wrestle discounts from fast-talking sales staff, a new service allows Canadians to shop for a new car from their couches. At Unhaggle.com, car buyers pay $47 to have local dealers offer prices for their chosen vehicle. Unhaggle may also get a commission from the dealer, says the co-founder of the site, Radek Garbowski.

Phil Edmonston, author of the Lemon-Aid car guides, says it’s too soon to tell if Unhaggle can give consumers lower prices than they can get on their own, but he says the service could be useful for certain types of buyers. “This should appeal to consumers who don’t have time to do research, as well as people buying more expensive vehicles where there’s more room to negotiate on price.”