British Columbia's minimum wage will rise to $11.25

British Columbia’s minimum wage will rise to $11.25

Residents will see two increases of 40 cents an hour


VICTORIA – Premier Christy Clark says British Columbia’s minimum wage is set to increase to $11.25 an hour over the next 17 months.

She says an increase of 40 cents an hour on September 15 raises the minimum wage to $10.85 and a second 40-cent-per hour raise is scheduled for September 2017.

The current minimum wage at $10.45 an hour is the lowest in Canada.

Clark says the increases are reflective of B.C.’s current strong performance as the top economy in Canada.

Opposition New Democrat labour critic Shane Simpson says the Liberals were shamed into raising the minimum wage after dropping to the lowest in Canada last month.

The Canadian Federation of Independent Business called the minimum wages increases big disappointments that will leave employers scrambling to afford the payroll hikes.

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