May 8 roundup - MoneySense

May 8 roundup

On Visa and MasterCard under attack, the inheritance vs. living-in-the-moment debate and a new savings calculator to help you reach your financial goals.


•The Competition Bureau says Canada’s credit card issuers have set up a perverse system that thwarts the normal rules of the marketplace and costs consumers billions of dollars annually. Visa and Mastercard charge some of highest fees in the world for the privilege of accepting credit card purchases and it cost consumers $5 billion last year. Before joining MoneySense, online editor Stefania Moretti took an in-depth look at merchant credit card fees to explain how they translate into higher prices for shoppers.

•Would you rather leave an inheritance to your kids or enjoy partial gifts with them while you are alive? The Blunt Bean Counter, a tax expert, would rather spend extra cash on a family vacation than stash it away.

•Only 195 days before Financial Planning Week arrives. Organizers of FPW are encouraging Canadians to spring into action with the help of a  new online saving calculator. Users are already well on their way toward saving up for a variety of things including vacations, retirement and new cars. What are you saving for?