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Price points

BMO is predicting only minor price jumps for goods and services in 2013.



  • BMO is predicting only minor price jumps (1.3%) for  goods and services in 2013 after a poll of large and small business showed more than half of business owners aren’t planning increases. Meanwhile, Statistics Canada said Thursday that paycheques in Canada continue to grow, with average weekly earnings up 3.6% year-over-year in August.
  • Spending via credit card and debit was up nearly 5%  in Q3 over the same time last  year, according to payment processor Moneris. Canadians had a huge appetite for plastic in the quarter with restaurant and grocery store purchases seeing the biggest gains. Overall, credit card spending outpaced debit card spending by a ratio of 59.8%  to 40.2%.  It’s important to use credit wisely to avoid unnecessary interest charges and fees. Let MoneySense help choose the right card for you.
  • Do you check your cellphone bill and charges regularly? You should. A telecom watchdog says more than half of the 11,000 complaints it received between 2011 and 2012 were about mobile providers and the No. 1 complaint was billing errors.
  • Canadian regulators are weighing higher standard for financial advisers. “The application of such a standard has been the subject of much debate in Canada and internationally,” Bill Rice, chair of the CSA, said in a press release. MoneySense recently looked at the issue of fiduciary obligation in the context of commission fees in Canada vs. Australia, the U.K. and U.S.
  • Boomer and Echo laments modern day appliances. They look good, but don’t last.