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Pricey parking

See how average parking costs vary across Canada.

  • Colliers’ annual survey of parking costs across North America turned up some bad news for Calgarians. Not only are they once again subject to the 2nd most expensive parking fees on the continent (behind New York) but prices actually went up last year averaging USD$456.75 a month for an unreserved spot. Drivers in Vancouver and Toronto meanwhile, actually caught a break at the metre with prices falling slightly. Here’s a snapshot of prices in Canada:
  • Notice to ETF investors: Vanguard Investments Canada Inc. plans to transition four of its TSX-listed exchange-traded funds to benchmarks. The transition is expected to provide cost savings over time for the ETFs, the company said. Affected ticket symbols include, VCE, VUS, VEF and VEE. Here’s a link with more info.