Can an RDSP be seized by a creditor?

Can an RDSP be seized by a creditor?

Yes, but here’s a way to protect those savings


Q: My adult daughter has a Registered Disability Savings Plan. But she has a bad credit record and there are still a few creditors out there who haven’t been settled with. Do you know if an RDSP can be seized by a creditor?

— Stressed in Sarnia, Ont.

A: Sorry to break it to you, but there is no specific creditor-proofing for RDSPs. “It’s something the feds have identified but I haven’t heard of any actual policy proposals,” says Joel Crocker of the Planned Lifetime Advocacy Network. That being said, your daughter isn’t necessarily bereft of options to protect her savings. “One way to get creditor protection may be to purchase segregated funds in your RDSP, as these are considered insurance products and are exempt from creditor claims,” says Toronto fee-only planner Jason Heath. Keep in mind, however, that you also pay higher annual operating expenses for these types of funds, which can lower your investment returns.