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Best U.S. ETFs for 2019

Our panel picks the best ETFs focussed on the U.S. market


Here the panel again stood pat, opting to retain all four of our 2018 US equity picks. XUU was the hands-down winner due in part to its lower fee structure at 0.07%, according to Robb Engen. A slim majority opted to retain the non-hedged Vanguard S&P500 ETF (VFV) and its the sister ETF, the currency-hedged VSP. The panel was almost split on reinstating VUN (The Vanguard US Total Market ETF) which had been an All-Star before 2018, but in the end opted not to add it back.

Best U.S. ETFs – The list

ETF name Ticker Management Fee MER # of Holdings Description
iShares Core S&P US Total Market Index ETF XUU 0.07 0.08 3459 Returning All-star, low fees of 0.07%
Vanguard S&P 500 Index ETF VFV 0.08 0.08 507 Provides unhedged exposure to the S&P500 at a very low cost
Vanguard S&P 500 Index ETF (CAD-hedged) VSP 0.08 0.08 507 Provides currency-hedged exposure to the S&P_500 at no extra cost
BMO S&P500 Index ETF (CAD) ZSP 0.08 0.09 505 Alternative to VFV; tied on fee; fund size is largest among 4 US Core ETFs

As was the case last year, the panel debated whether we should add some US-based technology ETFs, like QQQ. There are a couple of TSX-listed Canadian Nasdaq 100 type ETFs that several panelists liked but we were unable to get a majority to agree on adding this as a category.

However, readers should check our new desert island picks: several panelists went with specialty US equity ETFs, such as HXQ.U from Mark Yamada.

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