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The return that just keeps on giving

More proof that (surprise!) investing actually pays off.



So I just stumbled across an article on the Star’s Moneyville site that seems strangely familiar.

Turns out there’s at least one journalist out there who thinks like I do, which is nice to know.

Alison Griffiths explains that — like many readers — she was initially skeptical of TD Canada Trust’s assumption of a 6.8% return over an investor’s lifetime.

But once she did some digging — lo and behold — it turns out that the stock market hasn’t always been a losing bet. We haven’t always been at war with EastAsia, and TD wasn’t lying through its teeth after all.

This is investing 101, kids. Start early. Increase your contributions when you can. And as our Planning Tip of the Week explains, leave your investments alone. Moving them around to chase the latest fads only fattens up your broker’s account, not yours.

And when the baying mob condemns you for being unrealistic, you can inwardly smile with the knowledge that while today’s returns may be low, retirement day will be a different picture altogether.