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May you shop & save

You probably know that certain times of year bring big savings for shoppers. After Christmas you can pick up decorations and wrapping paper for a song. And the best time to buy new sheets and towels is during the January White Sales.



Spring brings its own bargains. May is a good month to check out your local thrift stores to see what’s on special. With people cleaning out their homes, some to make space and some to move in the summer, donations of used furniture and household appliances tend to spike. And spring-cleaning brings a fresh crop of clothes through which you can browse.

Want to buy your appliances new? They’re going to be on sale just about now. Retailers bring in new inventory in June, so May’s the perfect month to buy an older model for less. I was in a furniture store a couple of weeks ago outfitting Baby Girl for her house in Hamilton where she’s going to university. The new beds are in, so the old ones should be a deal.

Spring is also a good time to buy athletic apparel and shoes. Retailers like to help blow away the winter blahs by offering discounts to lure customers back outdoors. Since they’re likely shedding last year’s inventory to make space for the freshest of the season, this is a good time to get deep discounts.

With barbeque season just around the corner watch for sales on ketchup, mustard and other condiments. And if you plan to replace your worn out pots and pans, this would be a good time to watch for a sale on the set you’ve been eyeing.

If you want to be able to take a cordless phone out with you are you’re flipping those burgers, May’s the month to go shopping. Consumer electronics often go on sale in the spring.

Remember to shop around. While retailers used to be fairly consistent about when they marked stuff down, more consumer pressure means better deals all year round. Check prices online. Watch the sales flyers. Compare prices and save.