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More green saving tips

A few minutes of effort in and around your home could save you some cash and reduce your eco-footprint.


Doing well personally, while doing good environmentally is a little like having your cake and eating it, don’t ya think? So here are some more ideas you can share with your workmates, friends and family for ways to become a Green Queen while you save some serious bucks too. Hey, why not challenge a friend or co-worker to see how much you can actually save by implementing one or more of these strategies? May the best man win!

1. Are you still using disposable batteries? Do you know what those things do to the environment when you throw them out?  Learn all about rechargables, the best ones to buy and how to save money at

2. When was the last time you checked the seals on your home? Did you know that you could be overspending by up to $350 dollars a year just because your home is leaking? Hold a candle near windows, doors, electrical outlets, range hoods, plumbing and ceiling fixtures. If the smoke blows, you’ve got a draft that may need caulking, sealant, weather stripping, or insulation.

3. When’s the last time you checked your car’s tire pressure? One of the easiest ways to save money is to put some air in your tires. Pumping up your tires can improve your mileage by 3%. That’s like getting a reduction of 3¢ a litre on a buck-a-litre fill-up. Hey, when was the last time you saw $1/litre gas?

4. Don’t know where to shop for the best ethical deals and save money? Try signing up with out of Vancouver, B.C. It’s like a Green Groupon which sends you daily deals from local green companies.