Average apartment rental rates across Canada

Average apartment rental rates across Canada

Renters pay just $384/month for a studio apartment in Trois-Rivières


If you’re looking to rent an apartment for cheap, you may want to visit a scenic riverside city in Quebec.

According to an infographic from rentseeker.ca, Trois-Rivières is one of the urban centres with the lowest average monthly rent price, at $384 for a studio bachelor apartment.

As with owning a home, renting does not come cheap in bigger cities like Vancouver and Toronto. The average monthly apartment rental rate for a one-bedroom apartment in Vancouver, for instance, would cost $1,062 in Vancouver and $1,085 in Toronto.

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The differences between average rent in urban centres vary in cities by the type of apartment. For example, a studio bachelor apartment in Toronto costs $902 a month, more than the $845 in Burlington, Ont. But a two-bedroom apartment in Burlington costs $1,558 to Toronto’s $1,269.

It’s important to keep in mind that the data collected by the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation compiles averages from across large cities with varying socio-economic landscapes. The figures for Toronto, for instance, could be skewed by more affordable in parts of the city and/or more costly areas.

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