In-law suites and other search terms buyers use

In-law suites, parking and other search terms buyers use

Using the right search terms will attract more buyers


Over 90% of Canadians start their home buying search on the Internet. To attract these potential buyers real estate boards created more robust descriptions and keywords—enabling buyers to enter search terms when looking for a home. The result is that buyers now have the ability to search on for additional features—wants and desires that go beyond the number of bedrooms and bathrooms in a home.

To capitalize on this, real estate boards across Canada have monitored and tracked what search terms are used by buyers. And this is good news for homeowners looking to sell. By strategically placing common or well-used search terms in your listing you have a better chance of getting in front of more potential buyers—more eyeballs, means more viewings, which should translate into a faster sale or better offer price (all things being equal).

So what are the most common search terms? According to the 2015 CREA report, the top 10 search terms used on are:

#1. In-law suite
#2. Finished basement
#3. Suite
#4. Walkout basement
#5. Bungalow
#6. Pet friendly
#7. Parking
#8. Workshop
#9. Income suite
#10. Loft

While this list is useful, we all know that real estate is very regional, with differences in buyer desires changing from region to region (and sometimes neighbourhood to neighbourhood).

As such, here’s the top 5 search terms by city, according to the 2015 CREA report.

Top home buyer search terms (, 2015)

Top home buyer search terms (, 2015)


Knowing the top search terms in your city will offer you a glimpse into what homebuyers in your area are searching for. If your listing includes these amenities, make sure you include these search terms in your listing description. It will increase the likelihood that your listing will be viewed, particularly as homebuyers refine their searches.

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