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The best way to sell a low-mileage car

If you want to sell a low-mileage luxury vehicle, you have options. Here’s a few


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Q: What’s the best way to sell a 2011 Infiniti M37 with less than 40,000 km on it?

—Amir, Edmonton

A: For a low-mileage luxury vehicle in excellent condition you have options: You can sell it privately or take it to the dealer. If you go for a private sale, be sure to write an effective advertisement and place it on more than one website. A private buyer will want to know: Are full service records available, is the car collision-free, how was it stored in the winter, what’s the balance of the warranty, and is this a forced sale (did you lose your ability to drive) or is there another reason for selling that’s not related to the deteriorating condition of the vehicle? Remember to have the vehicle cleaned inside and out professionally or do it yourself. For a sale to a dealer, a simple car wash and interior vacuum will do. Bear in mind that selling privately may take time, as private buyers may not want to pay the premium you believe your car deserves.

If this sounds like a lot of trouble, take the vehicle to a new car dealer offering the same brand and ask their used car department to make you an offer. A franchised dealer can better sell a pristine, lightly used car belonging to their own brand compared to an independent or franchised dealer selling a different brand. If you’re buying a new car, keep in mind they won’t necessarily offer more for a trade-in. Also, ask the dealer to treat your used car like a conventional trade-in on the bill of sale, for retail sales tax purposes. That way you’ll pay the tax only on the difference between the prices of your new and old vehicles.

Lastly, if you’re up to it, consider advertising the car in the U.S. market or contacting U.S. auto dealers near the border to see if they are interested. Professional U.S. buyers are snapping up recent Canadian market used luxury cars, pickups and large SUVs because our currency exchange rate currently favours them.

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