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Costco membership fees are going up

But you can lower those annual fees with just one easy step

costco membership fees

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Last month, I was notified that my annual Costco membership needed to be renewed. I don’t shop that much at Costco (I hate the weekend crowds) but one thing I do love about them is the great discounts you get on eyeglasses. For that one purchase every year, my $55 membership fee was well worth the hundreds of dollars I saved from our annual purchase of glasses.

This week, the chain announced that as of June 1 it was raising “Gold Star” membership fees in Canada and the U.S. by $5 to $60. An executive membership, which comes with discounts and benefits, will be bumped up $10 to $120 a year. For many Costco shoppers these fees (even after increases) are still well worth it.

But if you’re like me, you’re always looking to cut those membership fees if you can. So here’s what I suggest. Do what I do. Go onto Groupon and buy a Costco membership deal. In my case, I paid $55 last month for a “Gold Star” membership and in return I receive not only the membership, but a free membership card for a spouse as well as a free rotisserie chicken and family-sized Caesar salad along with a $10 off coupon for a future Costco purchase. That’s a $25 value, making my $55 membership fee only $30 once those freebies are added to the final cost.

The good news? You can get similar deals all year round. While shopping at Costco on weekends with the dense crowds can be a hassle, Groupon deals can make the time you put into your weekend shopping a little more acceptable, knowing you don’t have to cook lunch and dinner after at least one of those shopping excursions.

To look for more Costco membership Groupon deals, check the website regularly for membership deals in your province. Here’s an example of a recent Costco membership deal for St. John, Nfld., stores.

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