How to eat an entire cabbage

How to eat an entire cabbage

Why throw away $3? Keep this vegetable out of your green bin


They only cost $3. But you always end up tossing half of it. Chef Suzanne Barr of Toronto’s Saturday Dinette shares four ways, beyond coleslaw, to keep a cabbage out of your green bin

1. Sauté it with tofu or chicken. Add tomatoes, onions and garlic for an easy stir fry

2. Steam the leaves and use them as a substitute for nori to make salad rolls. Serve with your favourite dipping sauce

3. Chop and steam it with caraway seeds or fennel, and serve with pork chops

4. Shred what you have left and quick pickle with cider vinegar and spices to make an awesome condiment or side dish. (It will last up to a month in the fridge in an air tight container)


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