May 18 roundup - MoneySense

May 18 roundup

On falling MERs, inflation pains, cross-border shopping and full Facebook IPO coverage.


•Investors Group is chopping its mutual fund fees in an attempt to woo frugal investors. Rates will come down as much as 0.4% starting this July.

Inflation hit 2% in April, up slightly from March, thanks mainly to gas and grocery price increases.

•Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg rang the Nasdaq’s opening bell on Friday moments after the company’s IPO. Head over to Canadian Business Online for your complete Facebook coverage including info on stakeholders, quizzes, infographics and more.

•A new BMO report says cross-border shopping is costing the Canadian economy at least $20 billion a year. That number is expected to grow as duty-free allowances head north.