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Recession? What recession?

We’ve found smart ways to turn bad times into good savings.


Let’s not mention the dreaded “r” word. Let’s instead call this opportunity time — because it is. Bargain hunting and smart spending are suddenly cool. Frugality is in fashion. Boasting about the money you saved on your most recent purchase no longer makes your friends roll their eyes. Instead, it makes them look at you as a trendsetter.

To help you navigate the new age of dashing discretion, we’ve found a number of smart ways to turn the downturn on its head. Whether you’re looking to cash in on a softening real estate market, find surprising savings in your own kitchen, or cut the interest rate on your credit card, we’ve got good news for you. Despite what you may think, you can control your destiny. Because even in bad times — make that especially in bad times — there are plenty of good deals to be had.