Canada’s top-rated charities of 2013

A look at Canada’s top charities of 2013 as rated by MoneySense. Only 26 of the 100 charities reviewed earned an “A” grade or higher, while 22 received an “A-“.

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  1. I OFTEN WONDERED which charities were scams, so I appreciated this guide a lot. Thanks


  2. I am a strong supporter of Canadian Red Cross but another charity that I believe in is Sleeping Children around the World started by goalie Ken Drydens father. All the bed kits are sew or made up in the country that the kits go to and they provide a resting place jof one per family in a poverty stricken community, We have supported this organization for quite a few years. yet you rarely hear of it. They also send you a photo of the child who received the bed kit, what it contained and in what country it went to.


  3. I had to look hard to find the Free the Children charity, which we know well. It scared me because I couldn't find it in the top 100, and wondered what was going on – the I realized that it had been called "Kids Can Free the Children" and because it had received an A- it had just missed the list. Personally, I consider A- pretty damn good, so it's a bit misleading that it isn't included with the A's, but if you read the qualifier for the "top" list it is only A & A+, so A- doesn't count…. when you consider how low the gradings go, I think that they should have included the A-'s as well…. Also, I looked at the compensation figure, which is the combined total of salaries and thought wow – until I divided it out amongst the number of actual employees and realized that hey, they are really keeping their budget in check pretty well. There are no mega salaries floating around there!!!!! Well done Free the Children – we will continue to support you!


  4. This is really good to see that pople are so helpful and thinks for others.


  5. A charity event that I know of being really good in Winnipeg, Manitoba is called Off the Beach and Path. It's a fundraiser for Parkinson's Disease where the owner of an amphicar takes for a ride driving on water. I think it only lasts until the end of August but is still pretty cool.


  6. Some of these ratings seem pretty weakly defined. There are charities here that have N/A for most of their information criteria on their profile page?! Some don’t have have any stated mission. This is not what I call good journalism.

    Also, some of these ‘top rated’ charities have most of their contributions going to other charities. When you contribute to them you’re not paying their administration group to do any of the actual charity logistics or for any particular cause at all as they just reallocate — to another charity with its own administrative costs. Meaning that in the end the administrative costs end up being a much higher proportion of the REAL “program” and their “% of spending to program” are much lower than reported and that should be reflected in their grades. As it is, the Calgary Foundation and the B.C. Mental Health Foundation are being promoted on basically fraudulent grounds (as worthwhile as their causes may be). The Nature Conservancy of Canada’s score is also highly inflated(26% to gifts, only 56%(!) to their actual program — compared to the “85%” used in the chart to determine their grade), and makes me feel ashamed to have looked down on their rival charities; when I don’t actually know what proportion of the others’ contribution goes to “gifts” (at least not as of writing this post, because there’s no column allocated for it in your grades’ chart).

    I am interested and thankful for this service you’ve attempted to provide, but really it needs a total overhaul for me to consider it worthwhile to promote.

    P.S. Christian Blind Mission considers themselves to be ranked 9th in top Canadian Charities, but I wish they would have done some investigation before citing that figure. From what I can determine, you actually rate them 8th on the basis of your photo-gallery (with theirs being the ninth photo with the first being dedicated to a promo blurb). Would MoneySense actually advise that they rate themselves “9th”, presumably on the basis of your photo-gallery?


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