Gridlock gripes

Which three Canadian cities made the top five list of worst places in N. America for traffic?



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  • Three Canadian cities have received the dubious distinction of being named among the top five cities in North America for traffic congestion by GPS firm TomTom. Vancouver, Montreal and Toronto all made the list topped by L.A.
  • The CMHC is defending its method for home appraisals after a newspaper questioned whether the automated system leads to inflated prices. Read the fallout here.
  • One of Canada’s most prolific mutual fund heads is back with his winning strategy and an added twist.  Read Canadian Business’ story “Round 2 for Michael Lee-Chin.”
  • Where do the terms “bull” and “bear” markets really come from?  McArdle, Canadian Business’ favourite know-it-all, has the answer.

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  1. Toronto is terrible for driving. Whenever I go to visit friends there I dread the thought of having to fight through the traffic / aggressive drivers.


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