Boomer re-branding

Why half of Canadian boomers have caught the entrepreneurial bug.



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  • More than half of Canadian baby boomers have started or considered starting a small business prior to retirement, a new TD survey shows. What were the top reasons cited for launching a boomerang career? The chance to make more money (53%) and having a personal sense of achievement (50%). Re-branding in retirement can come at a cost and older workers seem very well aware of this. Forty-two per cent of potential older entrepreneurs said they’re worried about securing finances and 38% are concerned about taking on additional debt.
  • Even the International Monetary Fund is worried about debt levels in Canada. “A sharp or sustained decline in house prices could seriously set back the leveraged household sector and domestic demand,” the IMF said.  Head over to Canadian Business to see what else the IMF sees in its crystal ball.
  • Expecting a new baby or know someone who is? MoneySense contributor and the brains behind Squawkfox, Kerry K. Taylor, created this newborn essentials checklist designed save money by outlining only the baby basics.
  • Extra! Extra! The November issue of MoneySense magazine hit newsstands Monday. Pick it up for the complete Retirement 100 featuring Canada’s top dividend-paying stocks.

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  1. Starting a small business near retirement can offer more flexibility as well. My mother is an interior decorator and she started her own freelance design business a few years ago. She has done well and made more than she likely could at her previous position working for someone else, and she has the ability to leave for months to go travel, or pick up extra jobs / turn down extra jobs as time allows.


  2. With the experience built up over a lifetime, boomers' expertise can easily be applied small business endeavors. And, while they are often expert at the thing they do, they may find it unnecessarily challenging if they are not also actively promoting their business…something they may know little about. Fortunately, there are free small business marketing advice and tips available online to help them get up-to-speed quickly on what they should be doing in the area of promotion.
    Best, Don Roberts


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