Students expect good jobs, not high salaries

Most expect $30,000-$49,000



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Graduates are headed into the workforce with fairly reasonable expectations it would seem. The majority of young people, 80%, surveyed for the D+H Student Index said that while their optimistic about the prospects of finding a job within their field they’re not expecting high salaries.

The index is a report summarizing findings from a survey conducted by Environics Research Group in which 752 Canadian secondary, post-secondary and recent graduates were asked about their outlooks on life after graduation. Of this group, 62% said the top job perk is having the opportunity to learn at work. This compares to 57% who said the top perk would be having a high salary. More than half dream of jobs with flexible schedules and the opportunity to advance quickly.

When asked about expected starting salaries, students aren’t driving hard bargains. The survey found that 64% would expect less than $49,000 as their starting salary and 26% are even expecting less than $30,000.

Once they do land that job, they say figuring out their work/life balance and learning things that they didn’t learn in school will be the biggest adjustments. Among those who are most ready to make the leap are the 86% who discussed financing their education with their parents before starting school.


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