Conservative tax break questioned

Analysts say incoming-splitting would benefit only some families.



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The effectiveness of Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s proposed family tax plan has been called into question.

Harper said on Monday the plan would save 1.8 million families an average of $1,300 per year.

However, analysts are divided on the proposed initiative. Some say income-splitting would benefit only some families and exclude single parents.

Former Liberal and Conservative MP-turned investment adviser Garth Turner believes the plan is a family-friendly middle-class issue with a huge unfairness gap that will have to be addressed by politicians.

Legal experts believe that male breadwinners with high incomes have more to gain from income-splitting.

Senior citizens who currently benefit from income splitting will not be affected.

23 comments on “Conservative tax break questioned

  1. Well; it isn't unfair already. maybe time to move the balance to the other side.


  2. It is exactly fair; that's the point. Moreover, it is "a" tax incentive, not "the" only tax incentive.

    It is only unfair to those that want more than everyone else, or want everyone to have the equal reward for un-equal circumstances. I have worked very hard for my wife to be able to stay home; I could possibly even claim that I work harder than an average dual-income family put together. My reward for that? Very high taxes. This incentive is excellent for me, because it means that I could possibly reduce my tax burden to be more equal with those that don't have as high a tax bracket.

    But what about those dual-income households that would see no benefit due to them both making a portion that, however shared, would not relieve their overall tax burden? There are very many different answers to that question, but none of them indicative of the unfairness being claimed. One answer is that if they are in lower tax brackets that the average, then they are already provided a break beyond others. For others that are both in, or by sharing would bring both in higher tax brackets than the average, an answer may be that it is their choice to make that much money; there does have to be some logic played out against the cost of living and the incentives.

    In the end, the only unfairness that can be claimed is by those that this tax break does help. For everyone else, you're either already getting the break that the newly helped clan don't, or you're wants are out of check with your needs.


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