Ditch the cell phone, buy an iPod

And other great money-saving tips for students from Ryerson DMZ



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Ryerson’s Digital Media Zone released some helpful tips on how students can better manage their money using resources on the web.

-Buy an iPod touch instead of a cell phone, since you can get Skype for free or pay about $14 to get a phone number through them.

-Don’t buy anything without seeing if someone is selling it on Kijiji or Craigslist.

-Search for online coupons and check out local daily deal sites — but don’t buy it just because it’s on sale. Only buy it if you would have bought it at full price.

-Reduce your book budget by downloading textbooks. Try www.coursesmart.com, or Google your textbook online to see if a PDF version exists.

-Instead of buying a laptop, consider buying an iPad. It’s about half the price of a laptop and has many of the same functions.

5 comments on “Ditch the cell phone, buy an iPod

  1. This post has been fully endorsed by Apple.


  2. Just a tad Apple-centric, don't you think? . . . and would a student savings article be complete without a KD reference? I think not! ; )


  3. Why buy a $500 iPad when fully functional laptops can easily be found at that price point or less? The average consumer is going to be able to surf the internet, skype, compose emails and watch movies without any problems on such a device – and have the benefits of a full keyboard and a disc drive.

    The best advice you can give a student is to budget, not to buy a hip toy.


  4. The iPad is half the price of a laptop? You gotta be kidding. A 64-GB 10" iPad 2 sells for 700 $ at Future Shop, while a 250-GB 10" Acer notebook sells for 300 $. Apple is a total rip-off if you ask me.


  5. Although iPods are great I think it is still ideal to use a real phone for communication purposes, besides the iphone is just like the ipod wherein you can play apps and store music.


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