May 17 roundup

On a 12-year-old’s scathing critique of banks, retirement planning in small chunks and how to negotiate the price of just about anything.



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•Watch 12-year-old Victoria Grant of Cambridge, Ont. as she delivers a scathing critique of Canada’s banking system now making the rounds across the Internet.

Read the Financial Post’s William Watson’s take on the video.

Retirement planning is like running a marathon, Andrew Hallam argues in Canadian Business. You set the target, break it into achievable chunks, then strive to go the distance.

•Everything is negotiable. It’s a motto that Invest it Wisely bloggers live by. Read how customer loyalty is the best bargaining chip.

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  1. Simply listening to this 12 year old, it should be a must READ and LISTENED to message
    By whom else but HARPER> But it's seems way to logically for that to happen.


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