Wolves of Bay Street

Forget The Wolf of Wall Street. Hollywood North has its own finance bad boys.

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From the April 2014 issue of the magazine.

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Move over Jordan Belfort, Canada has had no shortage of investment crooks. Here’s how four convicted fraudsters spent their ill-gotten millions.


Montreal’s Earl Jones owned condos at golf and ski resorts throughout North America.


Former Investors Group adviser Paul Yoannou had an insatiable appetite for high-stakes gambling.


Weizhen Tang, Toronto’s “Chinese Warren Buffett,” fêted his victims with cocktail parties.


Victoria financier Ian Thow owned four aircraft, five luxury cars and a yacht.

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  1. What I found most interesting/distressing about these folks was that when I looked them up to see what penalties they received, they all seemed to have had paltry sentences for being CONVICTED of stealing such sums from people. Ian Thow was actually granted leave from prison to go on VACATION in Mexico!!


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