Make money off unwanted life insurance

Consider donating your policy to a charity for lucrative tax credits

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From the June 2015 issue of the magazine.

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Single with no dependants and have an unwanted life insurance policy? Consider donating your policy to a charity in exchange for lucrative tax credits, instead of simply letting it lapse and getting nothing. Here’s how it works: A willing charity takes on the responsibility for paying your future premiums. In return, you get a sizeable tax receipt from the charity for the fair market value of your policy, as determined by a professional actuary. That receipt can then be used to claim federal and provincial tax credits. When you die, the charity collects your payout. “It’s a win-win for all,” says Mebs Dhalla, a financial adviser with HollisWealth, adding the strategy is becoming more mainstream.

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  1. Stefania, someone just told me about your article and I am the actuary who produced the FMV Reports for Mebs clients and found them a charity willing to take over the future premium payments. For more info on this topic please visit my website or visit my Ontario Lifeline LinkedIn Profile.


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