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Since you’re going to sleep 3,650 nights on the average mattress, it’s worth taking a little time to do it right without getting ripped off. When I took Baby Girl shopping for a new bed, there were all kinds of things that added to the cost, from brand names to pillow tops.

So the next time you’re in the market for a new bed, keep these seven tips in mind:

1. Don’t pay for a warranty longer than 10 years. Even if the bed says it’ll last 25 years, it won’t. The rule of thumb is to change your mattress every ten years. So that’s all the warranty you need. Keep in mind that if the mattress is stained in any way, the warranty will be voided.

2. Mattress protectors are a good idea for two reasons: they help keep your warranty in place by protecting the mattress, and you can take them off and wash them.

3. Since it takes 4-6 weeks for your body to decide if the bed is a good choice, make sure you get that 30-day trial period. Don’t drop a ton of money with no way to back out just in case you get the sucker home and you hate it.

4. Pillow-top mattresses come at a premium. Compare a pillow-top with buying a cheaper bed and adding a feather mattress (approximately $200) on top.

5. The box-spring and mattress don’t have to match. Seriously. You can save 30% to 50% by buying mismatched sets. But make sure that the mis-matched box-spring doesn’t mean you’ve lost the warranty, if the warranty is important to you.

6. Don’t bother trying to compare features. Road test the suckers by lying on them in the store. (That’s what they’re there for.) If it isn’t comfortable in the store, move on. Go with your instincts on this.

7. Don’t buy prestige. There’s a huge mark up on regular mattresses, so just imagine what they’re making off you when you fall for a name.

5 comments on “Seven ways to save on mattresses

  1. Thanks Gail, good timing, I am looking for one now! Read your advice every day, wonderful common sense stuff. Keep up the good work.


  2. SamIAm…Bought a mattress on the Shopping Chanel around midnite 3 weeks ago. The "Envirotech" 10" memory foam on sale as the big sale of the day is perhaps the best bed I've ever had. I've had some big name ones that were awful. This bed was delivered free of charge and is perfect. I took a chance in desperation to find a truely comfortable bed. I HIGHLY recommend this one.!!!!!!


  3. It is good to cover the mattress with two protection covers. This provides complete protection from dust and dust mites. Purchase microfiber and linen bed sheets to get full protection from dust allergy.


  4. All the tips are so nice to save the money for the mattress . i am very appreciate to read your blog.thanks
    for the sharing.


  5. Great tips to help people save whenever buying a mattress. Let's just take into account that we need to save money but also have a quality mattress that will last much longer.


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