Are you being left out of the Roll Up The Rim contest?

If you aren’t following the rules, you may be missing out



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(Tara Walton/Toronto Star)

(Tara Walton/Toronto Star)

This Family Day weekend, most of us will do what all Canadians do at least a couple of times a week—buy a coffee at their local Tim Hortons. And most of us will anxiously be looking to “Roll up the Rim” to win prizes that range from a free cup of coffee, jelly donut (my favourite) or even one of several 2016 Honda Civics.

But for those choosing the environmentally-conscious option and bringing a refillable coffee mug in to their local Tim Hortons, the odds of winning a prize are zilch. Mug-users are hoping to change that by having concerned Canadians who sympathize with their plight sign a petition. Ally Fraser of Beaumont, Alta., started her petition during the 2015 contest season and by Friday, more than 17,000 people had signed. So far, Fraser hasn’t gotten a positive response from Tim Horton’s corporate head office but she’s not giving up and hopes that this year, with growing support, the company will change it’s mind.

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Tim Hortons is no stranger to Roll Up the Rim rule challenges. The company was in the news last year as well, after Samantha Burke of Clarenville, Newfoundland, tried to claim a $100 Tim Hortons gift card in the coffee chain’s Roll up the Rim to Win contest, but was denied because she was not aware of new contest rules that state that winners of gift cards must also send in the part of the cup rim that contains the prize’s PIN number.

The rules and regulations on the contest’s website state that the company “reserves the right… to reject any potentially winning rim tab if the prize message is not presented in its entirety.” Dave Weeks, the owner of the Tim Hortons location in Clarenville offered to give Burke a $100 gift card on behalf of his location. Burke accepted the gift card and thanks Weeks for his generosity.

There were over 306 million disposable cups produced for the 2015 Roll Up The Rim to Win contest. Outside of the promotion, approximately 5% of people choose to use a reusable mug when purchasing a cup of coffee. All of us, though, think every Tim Hortons coffee drinker—and especially those who seek to do good by the environment—should be given an equal chance to win.


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