Top 10 safest cities in the world: EIU

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(Getty Images / Josa Fuste Raga)

(Getty Images / Josa Fuste Raga)

Do you live in a safe city? You might be surprised by the answer. According to the Safe Cities Index 2015, an initiative from the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), the 10 safest cities (based on four categories: digital security, health security, infrastructure safety and personal safety) are:

10 best cities for safety: Tokyo (Getty Images / Dillemma Photography)

(Getty Images / Dillemma Photography)

1. Tokyo, Japan

It should come as no surprise that the capital of Japan would top the EIU Safe Cities list. Considered an excellent city to live or visit, Tokyo offers world class entertainment, and access to commercial and governmental opportunities. It’s clean, safe and accessible, making it the #1 Safe City in the world for 2015.

(Getty Images /

(Getty Images /

2. Singapore, Republic of Singapore

Under British rule until 1965, Singapore is a city-state that’s thrived on commerce. While some laws are considered draconian, according to Amnesty International, the fact that the city is a safe, clean place can’t be refuted.

(Getty Images / Elysee Shen)

(Getty Images / Elysee Shen)

3. Osaka, Japan

A port city and the commercial centre of Japan, Osaka is a gateway city. Despite being the second largest city in Japan, Osaka continues to offer excellent digital and personal safety to its residents.

10 best cities for safety: Stockholm (Getty Images / Toyohiro Yamada)

(Getty Images / Toyohiro Yamada)

4. Stockholm, Sweden

This famous Swedish city tops the Safe Cities list because of it’s ability to offer excellent health care and top-notch personal safety. Think low crime rates.

(Getty Images / Tim E White)

(Getty Images / Tim E White)

5. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Though relatively small, Amsterdam is the capital of The Netherlands. Known for it’s narrow houses and gabled facades, this city comes in at #5 because universal health care programs and it’s ability to provide a safe urban environment despite it’s limited population and tax base.

(Getty Images / Marco Simoni)

(Getty Images / Marco Simoni)

6. Sydney, Australia

The largest city in Australia also tops the list when it comes to livability, but it’s the infrastructure and health safety that puts this city at #6 on the EIU Safe Cities Index 2015.

(Getty Images / Josa Fuste Raga)

(Getty Images / Josa Fuste Raga)

7. Zurich, Switzerland

If you want the best when it comes to health safety and infrastructure safety, then head to Zurich.

10 best cities for safety: Toronto (Getty Images / Nathan Bergeron Photography)

(Getty Images / Nathan Bergeron Photography)

8. Toronto, Canada

The biggest city in Canada ranked #8 in the top 10 EIU Safe Cities 2015 List. Residents of this Ontario city may be a bit surprised—given all the headlines—but statistics show that rates of violent crime continue to drop.

(Getty Images / David Hannah)

(Getty Images / David Hannah)

9. Melbourne, Australia

Ranked number one for livability, Melbourne tops the lists for infrastructure safety.

10 best cities for safety: New York City (Getty Images / Tetra Images)

(Getty Images / Tetra Images)

10. New York City, U.S.A.

It’s the only U.S. city to make it into the EIU top 10 list. While the city may be ubiquitous with high homicide rates, the reality is much different. In 2013, there were 335 homicides—a significant drop from the 1990 record high of 2,245 homicides. And the population has grown significantly during that same time. In addition to personal safety, New York ranks third for digital security (making it one of the safest cyber-cities in the world).

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  1. Sorry but this list seems arbitrary. New York has made great strides in reducing crime but is still more crime ridden than any European city. The other aspects of safety seem nebulous. The list has Stockholm but not Oslo, Copenhagen nor Helsinki. Toronto is certainly safer than US cities but surely other cities like Ottawa or Calgary would rank higher?


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