New real estate fee?

A new $200 Canada Post fee could be passed on to homebuyers in new subdivisions.



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  • Canada Post will begin to charge new fees to developers to build community mailboxes in new subdivisions starting in January. The cost—$200 per address—could be passed on to homebuyers.
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2 comments on “New real estate fee?

  1. An argument could be made on the basis of fairness to pass those costs on, however, over time those community mailboxes must save Canada Post money as it is easier and faster to stand in front of a large box and deliver mail to 30-40 houses without having to walk to each house.

    So if they want to be fair, why do people who still get home delivery benefit from those reduced costs? Shouldn't they pay a premium for home delivery as compared to those who only get community mailbox delivery.


  2. In my opinion, the decision to charge new fees to developers to build community mailboxes in new subdivisions is really objectable. $200 per address is a too high fee. At least they should decrease the fee to a minimum. Regards.


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