Charity spending: Where do you draw the line?

MoneySense considers any charity spending more than 85% of its revenue on its beneficiaries best-in-class. Tell us what you consider acceptable.



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Charities, like most professional organizations, have overhead costs. It’s unrealistic to expect that 100% of all the money raised by a particular charity will be spent on its program mandate. Someone needs to pay to keep the lights on. Then there are marketing, travel, resource and talent costs to consider. Nonetheless, some charities are better than others at maximizing every donor dollar.

Do you consider how much your preferred charity spends on the actual program it promotes? Tell us where you draw the line by answering our poll question below.


3 comments on “Charity spending: Where do you draw the line?

  1. real charity begins at home…. when someone comes to my door . I get a real feeling ….. digital, I get the feeling that a digit is missing or cant be seen…. virtual doesnt do it …. The real charities have real people , standing in front of me….. The real people who started have been taken over by electronics, not real people …… and there in lies the possibility of fraud , scam, misrepresentation and anything that allows the illicit to use us….. patrick….


  2. I am surprised by the inconsistency of the ratings. How can a charity that spends $101.58 of its money on programs, spends only $10.90 to create $100 and has 1 year and 1 month of funds in reserve only get a "D" for governance. Seems awfully odd to me. Just sayin.


  3. Comments must be approved. Is that why there are no Comments yet?????


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