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Replica of this street-inspired lamp abound but this knock-off is one of the few that adheres to the original Italian-design.

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From the December/January 2014 issue of the magazine.

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The Arco lamp was designed by Italian brothers Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni in 1962 for designer lighting manufacturer Flos. The Castiglioni brothers were inspired by the way a streetlamp overhangs several feet from its base, providing intimate light while the body remains out of the way. The Arco is a statement piece—as much a sculpture as a lamp. Set in a 140-lb Carrara marble pedestal that doubles as a side table, the Arco’s stainless steel adjustable arm extends up and sweeps across eight feet in a delightful curved arc, stabilized by the heavy marble counterbalance. The stem is long enough to reach the center of your dining table, while the arc is high enough to walk underneath with a serving tray. Gabriel Ross carries the Arco original for $3,295.

Replicas abound, but inferior ones have bases that can wobble and shiny tubular stems instead of the original’s four-sided shape. The Cora floor lamp, however, adheres to the original design. It sells for just $595 at

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  1. I think I made a good decision by purchasing my arco lamp replica from Manhattan home design. these guys gave me features like, wide span of the arc, light dimmer, square arch etc which I didn’t find in other replicas out there. In many cases the stem is a cylindrical pipe, bent to form an arc, which is clearly not anywhere near the originally design. I had to do a lot of homework before I could buy it! I suggest you guys pay attention to that detail.
    I bought it at just $494, with a free clock.
    still lights up my living room, even after 3 years.


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