Make your neighbours jealous

You don’t need to spend a pile of cash to make your home’s exterior look gorgeous.

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3 comments on “Make your neighbours jealous

  1. Your title leaves much to be desired! In this day and age when we should be seeking peace and harmony within our communities, it makes me sad that you would even suggest that I make my neighbors jealous. Lets start from our hearts and bring peacefulness to our neighborhoods, not strife! The antique bell push is charming and if I had one I would not change it, perhaps replace the missing brass screw, that is all it needs. Shame on you for suggesting even a hint of making my neighbors jealous! Do you not have better things to do than write such a demeaning article! Valerie Palmer Waterloo Ont a proud and peaceful loving neighbor!!!!


  2. When I renovated my house and landscaped my yards, it was not actually my intention to make my next door neighbour jealous. However, they became extremely jealous and resentful. They were upset because their property looked unkempt compared to mine and they didn’t want to feel pressured to spend money or time “keeping up with the Jones’s”. As a result of their envy, they have taken to vandalizing my gardens, tossing roofing nails on my driveway, throwing garbage on my lawn and various other acts to reduce the enjoyment of my property. The police and township have been involved to attempt to stop their actions, but they continue.

    I sometimes wish I never did anything to increase the value and enjoyment of my home.

    If you are trying to make your neighbours jealous by “increasing the curb appeal of your property”, be careful what you wish for, it may not be what you expect.


  3. Time of year to clean up and get ready for winter. This article is not saying go and piss off your neighbor. Just a few tips to enhance your home. I have worked very hard to keep up my home and its appreance. This is equity that i have earned and i will maintain that equity. Yes neighbors are important but i dont see any of them wanting to contribute to my retirement.


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