How much should a pillow cost?

A $10 pillow may not last long while down-filled pillows can be expensive. Here’s what you should consider

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The pillow aisle is full of options: down feathers, memory-foam, latex, buckwheat and more. If you don’t have any sleeping issues, experts we pilow costspoke with agree you can grab a decent pillow for $10 or less. Just don’t  expect it to last. Nick Robinson, editor of suggests a good-quality, long-lasting pillow should run you between $25 and $100. If you’re bogged down by choices and just looking for the best deal, try a down alternative pillow. The polyester filling is more affordable than natural down and often machine washable, too. Robinson recommends the Hotel Luxury Reserve Collection brand. You can snag a set of down alternative Hotel Luxury pillows for less than $60 a pair.


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  1. I have some sleeping problems and may be it is creating for my pillows. I want to change my pillows but it seems that $10 is really so cheap! But between $25-$100 can u suggest any type of best branded pillows?


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