BlackBerry to pay iPhone users up to $600 to switch phones

Trade in program starts Dec. 1



Online only.


WATERLOO, Ont. – BlackBerry (TSX:BB) will pay you to use its new smartphone.

The Waterloo, Ont.,-based company is launching a phone trade program starting on Dec. 1 to lure Apple iPhone users.

BlackBerry says those who have an iPhone 4S, 5, 5C, 5S, and 6 can get up to $400 of trade-in value, and an additional $200 top up, if they switch to the keyboard-equipped BlackBerry Passport.

The technology company launched the BlackBerry Passport in September, aimed at appealing to corporate customers with its large-screen and keyboard.

It will release another model, the BlackBerry Classic, which is a new take on its popular older keyboard smartphones, on Dec. 17.

BlackBerry is in the midst of a turnaround plan that has involved CEO John Chen scaling back the size of the company while refocusing its priorities on corporate clients, rather than the consumer market.

3 comments on “BlackBerry to pay iPhone users up to $600 to switch phones

  1. After being screwed around by Blackberry on a repair I have been using an I phone for years . Apple I must say has been the best customer service of any . I do think of trying a Samsung occasionally but when I think of how Blackberry screwed me around with my phone saying it was water damaged then taking it in to a repair shop to have them show me all the tabs with no water damage then calling them and wanting to send the phone in to have them look at it and explain why they say water damage . The phone was never in the rain or near water or moisture . There going to send me a phone that never comes . Then they will resend another one . Never arrives . On and on . I could make calls when I sent it in and did just as I handed to repair and took the loaner I had to pay for . When I get it back it doesn’t even work at all . Was just a keyboard problem when it went it and now it doesn’t work at all . Worse customer service I ever experienced and so far I only can recommend Apple . But I do like Samsung :-)


    • All companies have a have “fails” on Customer Service.
      For an interesting story, google “Seattle Rex sues Apple” about a Seattle blogger who, after numerous attempts to resolve a failed video card on his top of the Apple notebook, ended up suing Apple in and won.


  2. I was a loyal BB user for years, pre-wifi, old school, non color BB. My fondness for BB lead me to the Z10 which just started powering off for no apparent reason, and the same thing also began to happen with my Husbands BB, around the 6 month mark as well. I read how many users experienced this and was frustrated to discover that it would get worse. And it did. My BB died. I was unwilling to pay for repairs with an expired warranty, having already paid full price for the phone. I dropped it off at the Eco station and purchased an iPhone with AppleCare. (End of 8 yr BB romance)


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