The last pen you’ll ever need

Among the Embassy’s survival features is a cap that doesn’t fit on the body which reminders borrowers to hand it back.

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From the April 2014 issue of the magazine.

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penWant a pen that can take a beating and lets you scribble upside down, under water and at virtually any temperature? The CountyComm Embassy uses pressurized Fisher refills and sports a rugged chassis. The basic black model (US$54.95), available exclusively at, is fashioned out of knurled anodized aluminum at CountyComm’s machine shop in California. It also produces limited editions in more luxe metals. We lent an Embassy to a team of archaeologists, and it survived being stomped on, smacked with shovels and being slammed in a pickup truck’s tailgate. Only when bashed between a pair of rocks did it snap, so the pen should enjoy an exceptionally long life at your office or home.

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  1. Awesome pen


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