Money down the drain

How much your weekly Friday-night beers is costing you



From the December 2016 issue of the magazine.


Whether it’s a pack of cigarettes a day, or your weekly Friday-night beers with friends at the pub, costs add up fast.

Beer binge

Four craft pints at the local pub at $45 weekly (including tax and tip) = $2,340/yr.

A pack of smokes

A pack of Marlboros a day at $12 each = $4,380/yr.

Fancy coffee

A daily Venti latte from Starbucks at $4.15 = $1,515/yr.

Take-out lunch

A burger, fries and coke daily at $8= $2,920/yr.



2 comments on “Money down the drain

  1. A burger, fries and coke daily at $8= $2,920/yr.

    If you are eating this every day, you have bigger problems than “money” problems ….


  2. might be wise to note that these are after tax dollars as well.


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