Why cash is the best wedding gift

Many couples are hoping for it anyway

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From the June 2014 issue of the magazine.

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I have only ever given money as a wedding gift. Some might think it’s tacky, but I’ve never met a bride or groom who sneered at the sight of an envelope stuffed with cold hard cash. Not only does cash spare you the hassle of searching for the perfect gift, but many couples are secretly hoping for it.

Traditional gifts may have made sense when couples married young and were moving out of their parents’ homes for the first time. These days, most couples live together before getting married and have accumulated years of such household usuals as toasters, towels and tableware. “Many couples will not need as many common household wedding gifts,” says Rebecca Chan, a Toronto wedding planner. “A monetary gift allows the couple to have the flexibility to purchase whatever is right for them in their life stage.”

One couple I know used their cash gifts towards their Maui honeymoon. Another couple used it to offset the costs of their $45,000 wedding.

Chan recommends giving $100 to $200 if you can afford it, and double that if you’re bringing a date. If you’re close or related to the couple, give more. But if that’s too steep, you’re better off buying from a gift registry or chipping in with friends on a really big gift.

As with any present, make it look nice. New, crisp bills are best, tucked in a card with a money slot.

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