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Average home price: Canada vs. the world

Want to know where Canadian cities rank in terms of average housing costs? Check out this ranking of 71 cities, which is a compilation of a few reports recently released by Coldwell Banker Real Estate.


Sorry for the radio silence. I was in the process of moving and then came down with horrible food poisoning (ended up at emergency at North York General!).

But I’m back with an interesting ranking of how expensive homes are in various countries across the globe and how this compares to the average housing prices in various Canadian cities.

Coldwell Banker Real Estate’s latest report — released July 13, 2011 — compares similar four-bedroom, two-bathroom homes in 32 countries, including Canada and the U.S.

Among the more affluent markets are Paris and Boulogne in France, Newport Beach, CA in the USA and Milan, Italy.

If you’re looking for lower mainland cities in B.C., check the top of the list. Vancouver, Kelowna and Burnaby rank at the top of the 71 city list — and are considered some of the most expensive markets globally. (NOTE: This list is not a definitive ranking as some cities have been omitted from the original list due to space. Click here for the full international report. Click here for the full Canadian report.)

And if you’re looking for Toronto you’ll have to scroll right down to the bottom third of the 71 listed cities. There it sits with an average price of $378,913, less than even Guelph’s average four-bedroom, two-bathroom home. (NOTE: All prices are in U.S. dollars.)

France Paris $3,624,000
France Boulogne $2,565,000
USA Newport Beach, CA $2,537,126
Italy Milan $1,918,750
Spain Madrid $1,877,070
Italy Rome $1,777,750
USA Pacific Palisades, CA $1,606,992
Canada Vancouver, BC $1,546,475
USA Stone Harbor, NJ $1,344,908
Bermuda Bermuda $1,253,750
St. Kitts-Nevis Nevis $1,103,750
Canada Kelowna, BC $1,087,410
Australia Sydney $1,047,250
Turks and Caicos Providenciales $1,033,750
USA Ossining, NY $919,986
Netherlands Amsterdam $862,320
Netherlands The Hague $827,770
Vietnam Ha Noi $816,667
Vietnam Da Nang $803,571
Canada Burnaby, BC $797,455
Lebanon Beirut $765,000
Ireland Dublin $687,289
Australia Gold Coast $674,796
Canada Fort McMurray, AB $652,382
Czech Republic Prague $638,750
Greece Athens $632,624
USA District of Columbia $630,645
Canada Oakville, ON $624,914
Costa Rica Santa Ana $617,500
Australia Brisbane $583,555
Mexico Mexico City $566,500
Canada Victoria, BC $540,087
Canada Surrey, BC $536,109
Canada Calgary, AB $534,912
USA Scottsdale, AZ $455,964
USA Palmetto Bay, FL $449,353
Aruba Aruba $445,875
Canada Edmonton, AB $442,121
Canada St. John’s, NF $440,825
Canada Mississauga, ON $439,175
Canada Burlington, ON $429,249
Canada Ottawa, ON $426,150
Peru Lima $423,125
USA Birmingham, MI $418,473
Turkey Istanbul $417,975
Canada Whitehorse, YT $405,465
Mexico Monterrey $400,211
Canada Guelph, ON $391,030
Canada Toronto, ON $378,913
Belize San Pedro $366,750
Indonesia Jakarta $354,651
Canada Barrie, ON $341,567
Canada Red Deer, AB $307,919
Canada Winnipeg, MB $307,464
Panama Panama City $285,000
Canada Stratford, PEI $279,845
Canada Lloydminister, SK $279,445
Guatemala Guatemala City $265,000
Turkey Ankara $264,000
Canada Lethbridge, AB $248,082
Canada Hamilton, ON $244,906
Canada New Glasgow, NS $231,971
Dominican Republic Sosua $196,250
Honduras San Pedro Sula $193,000
Canada Windsor, ON $144,460
Venezuela Caracas $138,497
USA Cleveland, OH $76,042
Ecuador Salinas $75,000
USA Detroit, MI $73,363
USA Coolidge, AZ $69,083
USA Niagara Falls, NY $60,820