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Got a home for sale? List it on a Friday

Data from the U.S. shows that homes listed on a Friday have a better chance of selling quickly and for higher offers than homes listed any other day.


You know what updates you need to make to pretty up your home for sale. You also recognize the need for de-cluttering and staging your home to attract that buyer who’s willing to pay top dollar for the ‘perfect’ home. But do you know what day you should actually list your home?

According to a data released by Redfin — a U.S. online real estate brokerage — the day you decide to debut your home can either help or hinder your chances of selling your home. By examining over a million listings spread across the U.S. over a 21-month period, Redfin found that:

  • homes listed on a Friday are 12% more likely to sell within 90 days
  • homes listed on a Friday (or Thursday) sell much closer to the original list price
  • homes listed on a Friday got 19% more prospective buyers through the door (either through an open house or a viewing)
  • homes listed on a Sunday get more online views (but only by a thin margin)

The theory behind the success of listing a home for sale on a Friday is that it’s fresh in a buyer’s mind. A Friday listing makes it to the top of a potential buyer’s viewing list — a list often created for weekend viewings. And, since there are more than twice as many viewings scheduled for Saturday and Sunday compared to viewings scheduled between Monday to Friday, making it on that list can really make or break your home’s chance of selling quickly.