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Stuff to read (in case you missed it)


Starting this Thursday, and every Thursday from now on, I’ll post links to five good articles that are worth a look. Enjoy.

1. You need a 100% gain to erase a 50% loss. If you’re like me, you missed the high school math class that taught this one. Or maybe they never did teach it. Either way, Jonathan Chevreau explains how making money in the market is a lot harder than losing it. Click here to read his article.

2. How to avoid the pitfalls of exchange traded funds. ETFs used to be fairly simple. But as more investors flock to them, the investment industry is making them more complex. This blog post explains what to look out for.

3. 11 ways to spice up your emergency fund. You do have an emergency fund, don’t you? How else are you going to pay for that leak in your roof or new transmission for your car? (Hint: Don’t say your credit card). Here are some good tips to build up an emergency fund.

4. Adding natural gas to your portfolio. Larry MacDonald is one of my favorite columnists. Here he looks at whether now is the time to fill up on gas.

5. How did economists get it so wrong? If you’re looking for a meaty read, try this piece by New York Times columnist (and Nobel economics prize winner) Paul Krugman. Many bloggers have already loudly disagreed with some of his points. But why not read the original first and decide for yourself.