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The ETF marketplace

These four Canadian firms offer more than 100 ETFs.


iShares Canada launched the first successful Canadian ETF in 1999 and it still makes up about 80% of the market. It offers products that track  the broad Canadian, U.S. and international stock markets, plus other ETFs that go by sector (real estate, financials), style (growth, value), and company size. They also offer six Canadian bond ETFs.

Claymore Investments is an innovative company that offers some two dozen ETFs covering Canadian, U.S. and international markets, global sectors (real estate, infrastructure, agriculture), fixed-income markets (bonds, money market, preferred shares) and commodities. It’s the only company that currently offers DRIPs for ETFs.

BMO Financial Group just launched four funds in June. One tracks the Canadian bond market, another holds Canadian stocks, the other two follow U.S. equity indexes.

Horizons sponsors the most distinctive ETFs in Canada. Its BetaPro line includes leveraged ETFs, inverse ETFs and several commodity funds. Its AlphaPro funds are the only actively-managed ETFs in the country.

Canadian investors can also purchase U.S.-listed ETFs through a broker. Start your search with Vanguard, the U.S. iShares funds, State Street Global Advisors, PowerShares and WisdomTree.