March 12 roundup - MoneySense

March 12 roundup

On Carney’s debt conundrum, a new casino for Toronto and the pros and cons of the Manulife One account.


•Canada’s central banker Mark Carney has his work cut out for him. The Financial Post takes a closer look at his household debt conundrum: rate hikes or regulation?

• Who hasn’t dreamed about winning the lottery someday? We’ve all been there and the Ontario government is hoping to cash in on the dream. The province has announced plans to sell tickets online, in big box stores and even open a new Toronto-area casino.

• Boomer & Echo examines the Manulife One account. TV ads promoting account are in high rotation these days. Manulife has the right idea when it comes to consolidating non-mortgage debt and short-term savings into one low interest mortgage/line of credit but unrestricted access to your home equity through a chequing account can lead to spending problems and the account comes with a $14 monthly fee.