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Maximizing reward points

Double-dip on points by presenting a retailer’s card while paying with credit.


Though travel and merchandise rewards on credit card purchases remain popular, a recent RBC poll shows that 33% of Canadian cardholders prefer cash back over any other type of incentive. Those who prefer points toward merchandise account for 27% of Canadian cardholders, while those with a preference for travel rewards account for 23% of Canadian cardholders.

For those already using cash back credit cards, try to maximize points by using your credit card for as many purchases as possible. Even small purchases add up. To make sure you’re never late on a payment (and reward cards usually have high interest rates, so pay it off every month), set up automatic payments for your bills. You may also be able to double dip with points — certain retailers let you gain points both from presenting their specific company card and from using your credit card of choice to pay.