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Money-saving apps are most popular

Everyone wants an app that’ll help save them money — even if it costs.


Lifestyle and gaming applications for mobile phones are popular, but they’re not as popular as money-saving apps, according to U.K.-based survey results published earlier today by L.G. Apps featuring codes for savings on products and services dominate — regardless of whether the user has to pay for the initial download of the application.

The top five most downloaded types apps are:
1. Apps that save you money (25%)
2. Apps that save you time (9%)
3. Apps that help you stay physically and mentally fit (9%)
4. Apps that help you shop for dinner (8%)
5. Apps for gaming (6%)

The survey drew statistics from the U.K.’s 11-million smartphone users, who, on average, spend £3.20 each per month on apps. In total, this adds up to about £422.2 million being spent in the U.K. on mobile software apps per year.