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Postpone trades

With U.S. markets closed Tuesday, Canadian ETF holders would be wise to hold off rebalancing until trades resume.



  • Our favourite Canadian Couch Potato is reminding ETF holders to consider delaying portfolio rebalancing until next week  or so due to Super Storm Sandy. U.S. markets are closed again Tuesday, effecting the underlying net-asset-value of the ETFs with exposure to U.S. indices.
  • CIBC is downplaying the possibility of a U.S.-style housing crash in Canada. Economists at the bank do admit however, that the news for homeowners isn’t good.
  • Now to a totally differently type of report, this one from the folks at BMO. Economists there say Canadians are opting to drink wine over beer in increasing numbers. Read the full report here.
  • It’s the last moon before Halloween. Need a last-minute costume for the little munchkin? We’re loving Squawkfox’s pillow case costumes. Honestly, they’re amazing (and cheap)! And don’t forget to answer our poll question below to find out how your budget stacks up: