Worried about food prices? You're not alone

Worried about food prices? You’re not alone

A global survey reveals we’re less anxious in general in Canada compared to other countries but rising food costs are top of mind for many of us.


We Canadians are less anxious than our global counterparts, according to JWT Intelligence’s AnxietyIndex measuring consumer anxiety in more than 25 countries around the globe. When asked this question: Overall, given everything that is going on in the world, the country and your family’s life, how nervous or anxious would you say you currently are? Nearly, less than 10% of Canadians said they were “very anxious.” That compares with nearly 60% in Pakistan and roughly 25% of Americans. What’s eating Canadians the most? The cost of living—food prices in particular—followed by the economy. Just over half of Canadians who participated said they believe the economy will improve in 2013. For more on this study, including a neat video, head over to Canadian Business.